What is the best texting app for car dealerships?

February 21, 2017 Ryan Williams

What is the best texting app for car dealerships

No matter the business niche, texting is currently a must, and it promises to continue being useful for years to come. The advantages of texting are numerous, but in a sea of texting apps, it is hard to choose one for your dealership.

“Will it meet my needs? What if it is not TCPA-compliant? What if it does not work? How much money is too much?” These are all perfectly reasonable questions to ask before you start searching for the right texting app.

Perfect texting app features

  1. First of all, your texting app must be TCPA- and FCC-compliant. This is a must-have because unless you have written consent from your customer, you legally cannot text them to make any sale offers. Read more about this on our 2017 TCPA rules page.

! Did you know that in August 2016, FCC’s Robocall Strike Force group announced war on robocalls, together with major IT companies such as Google and Microsoft? This means that in the future we will face stricter rules and comprehensive solutions that would prevent, detect and filter unwanted robocalls.

  1. Once you have determined that your dealership will abide by the FCC rules, you should look for a texting app that automatically links with your DMS. Having a texting application integrated with your DMS allows your employees to manage time more efficiently and not lose it on logging into additional applications. If the texting app is linked to the DMS, advisors will be able to contact customers from the office desktop computer, from a dealership tablet or their mobile phone. If the app is on the device, their customers’ ROs are there too.
  2. Another important criterion is ease of use. You need a simple app that would allow your employees to use it intuitively, requiring little or no training. In a familiar texting environment, both your customers and employees will be able to perform their tasks much faster. Get the work done in almost no time!
  3. Last, but not the least, is monitoring. Your texting app needs to keep all conversations saved all in one place. Advisors should be able to revisit past conversations to get them back up to speed for the current service. Managers should be able to view and monitor all conversations past or present.

Advantage txt – the best texting app

AdvantageTec has chosen to use the customers’ preferred communication channel – texting. According to the newest demographic research reports, everybody texts – no matter the age groups, and these numbers are growing. If your dealership does not adapt to this rising demand, it may suffer from lower sales rates, decreased CSI scores and other business loses.

This is why AdvantageTec launched a texting app, Advantage txt for every car dealership to use for improved communication with their customers. No more missed calls, no more outside noise and misinterpretation of information – Advantage txt removes all unwanted factors and allows the message to get through. Your customers can now text you back wherever they are, whenever they see a text from you. In fact, the average response rate for a text message is three to four minutes. Imagine resolving issues within that time frame, as opposed to waiting twelve to twenty-four hours that you would have otherwise lost on waiting for a phone call or email reply. Advantage txt saves you and your customers’ time!

With its intuitive interface, user-adjusted microsite landing pages, and DMS-integration, storing all conversations in one place, as well as other useful features, it is clear that Advantage txt improves customer service relationships, helping your customers to leave your dealership with a smile.

AdvantageTec’s offers the best texting solution in the US with affordable prices and service adjusted to your needs!

Try Advantage txt – see the power of the best texting app in the US!

If you want us to give you a demonstration of how Advantage txt works first-hand, do not hesitate and send us a text stating “DEMO” to (415) 429-5588, give us a call at (415) 429-5588 or simply email us at pkrpan@liveperson.com. Visit our texting page for more information about our dealership app.

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