The Importance of Texting in a Car Dealership

December 24, 2015 Pero Krpan

The Importance of Texting in a Car Dealership

The twenty-first century has brought us a lot of innovations, starting from the revolution in IT and an explosion in mobile usage. It is obvious that everything started changing with the arrival of new technologies.

Successful car dealerships understand how to keep pace with the latest advancements, and yet retain some good ol’ things which have proved to be useful. They achieve that with texting.

Besides being today’s preferred way of communicating, texting can be beneficial for car dealerships in numerous ways. Here are the reasons why texting is good for the automotive industry.

Demand for new communication channels

Even though voicemail, email and the advantage of social media introduced completely new communication channels, experience has shown that their open rate is not nearly as good as the open rate of texting.

As it turns out, people are more inclined to open, read and respond to a text message within a few minutes (in fact, 98% of text messages are going to be read), rather than check their voicemail or respond to an email every now and then (email open rate is 30-35%). Thus, it is obvious that texting is more direct and will reach its destination.


Mobile devices have influenced our entire lives, even the learning process, so it is normal to make your customers happy by pleasing their needs and accommodating their demands.

Every person has their own preferences, but what the majority of customers today have in common is that they either learned how to use a mobile phone during their lifetime or were born in the heat of the digital revolution that introduced mobile usage and text messages. It is more likely today more than ever that your customers were ‘born with’ a mobile phone as a ‘must have’ or ‘normal’ to have and use.

However, this ‘digital generation’ is not used to are phone calls – according to Nielsen 2013 Mobile Consumer Report, people send five times more text messages a month than they make phone calls. This very fact should and must be acknowledged in a car dealership.

Faster response

If you find yourself at a meeting, or in the subway, or someplace crowded and noisy, and your phone rings – will you be able to answer it or talk? This is why texting in a car dealership can and should be utilized.

Your best option is to text and to avoid losing time and sales. Your customer will receive, read and understand your text message.

No misinterpretations, no forgetting

One of the greatest things about texting is that you have a written proof of what you agreed on – there is no room for misinterpretations and arguing on who said what and what that meant. What you or your customer says is what you do, and there are no excuses or forgetting.

Now that you see some of the benefits texting provides car dealerships with, make sure to use it to your advantage, and do it right. By right we mean compliance with TCPA regulations and respecting other people’s privacy.

Make a plan for your car dealership, and contact us to either request a demo or to use our service.

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