Texting Growth in Customer Support

May 11, 2015 Thomas F. Jung

Texting Growth in Customer Support

Customer support has become one of the crucial factors for customer satisfaction index (CSI). It is your role as a service provider to make your customers happy. Find out why texting is the best solution and how to incorporate it into your business.

Please Don’t Leave Me a Voice Mail. Texting solutions for automobile dealers.

I get my bank balance every time I make a purchase, my airline sends me a link via text with my boarding pass to my phone, my dentist reminds me of my appointment with a text and I now for anyone who has my mobile number it has become common to text rather than leave a voicemail.  I mean how unproductive is a voice mail, access voice mail, listen to the voice mail and send a text reply. Just about that unproductive.

No Mystery: The Productivity of Texting

I might let voice mails sit for a full day. Everyone in my circle knows that if they want a response that a voice mail is useless. I read every text I get the minute I get it; I quickly scan all my email and read those that I should but not always immediately.

The numbers are real: Ninety percent of all texts are read within three minutes of being received and over 90 percent of the world’s adult population has a cell phone. Texting is efficient and a productive way to communicate quickly and precisely.

SMS could be an abbreviation for simplicity. It was, in fact, the first innovation of the mobile revolution. Smartphones were not even a concept when SMS arrived. There is close to no “interface,” just the bare minimum: a recipient and a message. Simplicity!

The One on One Factor

Because of this immediate one on one factor, texting for customer support is a natural. In customer service, the ability to provide immediate resolutions, decisions and answers fits texting as a customer service technology perfectly.

Customer service via text provides a better experience for the customer and is more efficient for brands and becomes a component of the customer experience management process, which has become another important customer service technology.

Texting is Naturally Customer Centric

Texting is natural for customer service because it doesn’t need the latest smartphone; it works on old phones just as well and 2G networks are still the most reliable. Texts are notifications conveying a lot of information in very little space; while providing an easy and quick response mechanism within the same technology. Yes or No or I need more information. Thank you.

The Rapid Growth of Texting in Support of the Customer

Depending on the business that you are in it is highly likely that there is now a purpose built texting application available to you. Why would you want to consider texting for supporting your customers, let’s quickly review the industry numbers. 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received and combined with an average open rate of 98 percent compared to only 22 percent for email. Remember that these kind of numbers in the end point to a happy customer.

Ideally, in looking for a texting customer support application, look for someone who has developed one for your industry or market, whether B2B or B2C. A purpose built text platform that is industry-specific is most likely to have factored in the needs of your business and your customers. Texting as a business application falls under the regulation of the FCC and TCPA (Telecommunications Privacy Act) and you need to be confident that the provider has met all the rules and regulations under these regulations.

Penalties for violating the rules can be very serious both legally and financially. Your business risk in the area of customer support is losing a customer because they received less service than expected. Typically, where this happens is the customer-facing parts of your business, i.e. sales, customer support and every piece of the business that provides resolutions to customer problems.

The highest risk factor today in customer support is in call centers and the use of the phone as resolution technology. In today’s highly competitive environment, no customer should ever end up in voice mail because they will end up as someone else’s customer. If you have the telephone as your central piece of customer support technology, you have a very high degree of risk of customer loss. If you service my purchase, I don’t ever want to have to trade voice mails to find out repair status or provide you with a decision on additional repairs and expenses.

A solid customer support texting application has become a competitive advantage over a competitor without it. Customers today have more choices and are much more demanding and observant of the quality of their interactions with you. Texting will help you retain and keep your customers happy to continue doing business with you.

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