Texting demographics: everybody texts!

November 14, 2016 Thomas F. Jung


Not only Millennials text – all age groups text and research shows texting is the most used function on a smartphone. For car dealerships, the real question is should they be texting with clients? AdvantageTec can answer that for fixed operations as we provide texting solutions to hundreds of large and small, public and family-owned dealerships across the United States.

Let’s look at some data – one of our dealership clients services about 3500 customers per month. The way the solution works is that every service-drive client receives an automated welcome text from their advisor within 15 minutes of dropping off their car.

These welcome texts generated 3888 bi-directional text communications (between advisors and service drive customers) significantly reducing call volume and improving CSI.

The opt-out rate was .023% meaning eight people opted out of the text communication offering, but on the other hand, 3442 service drive clients kept the number on their phone for quick and easy access back to the dealership.

Today theses advisors wonder how they did their work before text messaging.

How are smartphones used in the United States?

Pew Research deals with smartphone adoption research. Their latest studies show the following smartphone statistics:

  • 97% text messaging
  • 92% video calls
  • 89% the Internet
  • 88% email
  • 75% social networking
  • 60% take pictures/video
  • 55% read the news, etc.

Stone’s Phone research data on smartphone ownership by age (2015):

  • Age 18-29 – 85%,
  • Age 30-49 – 79%
  • Age 50-64 – 54%
  • Age 65+ – 27%.


A 2013 Experian study on text messages sent by age:

  • Age 18-24 send 1831 & receive 2022 texts/mo.
  • Age 35-44 send 726 & receive 831 texts/mo.
  • Age 45-54 send 473 & receive 525 texts/mo.
  • Over 55 send 244 & receive 247 texts/mo.


The advantages of texting for the auto industry

When it comes to the automobile industry, it has become clear that text messaging will improve dealership communication – resulting in improved CSI and retention. A texting solution creates efficiencies eliminating the time wasted to retrieve voicemail and play phone tag; from the customer’s perspective, it eliminates phone trees and hold times. SMS or texting allows an advisor to err on the side of over communication which is important when documenting additional work approval.

As customers continue to become more demanding service providers must appease their clients’ needs with texting solutions. Here is a short communication showing a typical auto dealership SMS conversation,

Advisor (automated welcome text):

Jan, thank you for servicing your vehicle with us at Champion Auto, you can call or reply via text to this number should you have any questions on your vehicle – Tom. Text STOP to end.


Tom, I will be in meetings all morning, please text me if you find any problems.


Jan, we tested the alternator, and it will need replacing. It is the cause of your battery and electrical problems. Installation, parts, and labor total $359.56. Please advise.


Toms – please go ahead and repair. Will the car still be ready at 5:30?


Yes – with vacuum and wash 🙂


What to ask when evaluating automotive dealership texting solutions.

  1. Make sure the tool is TCPA & FCC compliant
  2. Simple to use – should require close to no training
  3. No user sessions – make sure the tool does not log you out every 4 hours
  4. Integration with a dealership DMS so no data entry is required
  5. Ask to review actual dealership usage reports so you can see how many texts a dealership received, sent and how many customers opted out of the program.

If you are interested in the advantage txt. dealership solution please give us a call at  (415) 429-5588, email us at pkrpan@liveperson.com or best of all text Demo to  (415) 429-5588.

Msg&Data rates may apply.

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