AdvantageTec’s view of Edmunds reports that texting can be key for dealerships

November 29, 2016 Pero Krpan

AdvantageTec’s view of Edmunds

Many auto dealerships continue to be challenged with finding the most effective method of communicating with their customers. To date, they have been unable to bring their services closer to their target audience, and when they do, retention becomes problematic for their resources.

The resolution depends upon many factors, one of which, and maybe the most important, may be the communication channel: Emails, missed calls, even newspaper and TV ads – none of which are as productive as needed.

A 2015 Edmunds study found that texting, as today’s main means of communication, can be key for car dealerships.  Namely, the study confirmed what most dealership management and analysts have started realizing in practice: texting drives more sales!

Edmunds employs texting technology in communicating with customers

Texting has become so popular in business that more and more business owners decide to use it in their customer relationship improvement strategy.

Edmunds is a well-known automotive resource in the US, which grew from a paperback newsstand publication from the 1960s into a powerful company with rich corporate culture.

Last October, they integrated a texting technology, one that is very similar to AdvantageTec’s solution, onto their dealers’ websites allowing their visitors to directly “Text Me”. How does it work? When a shopper visits the site, and clicks the “Text Me” button, they automatically connect with the sales department requesting information.  The texting solution from AdvantageTec goes a step further and, in addition to having a general site “Text me” feature, it allows a visitor to “Text Me” while they are viewing a specific car which then connects the user with a sales person referencing the specific vehicle.

And the result?

When compared to email, according to Edmunds’ report, text messages generated 20% more leads than their predecessors, in an observed time period, and 40% of text messages converted into sales within two days, whereas 32% of emails converted into sales.

Easier communication, happy customers

This data gives deeper insight into how communications change. It was almost yesterday when everyone utilized emails and getting leads via newsletter.  But today, due to the speed and certainty of opening, texts seem to be the preferred and most effective way of communication. And as it looks today, texting will keep doing it in the future as well.

According to Edmunds President, Seth Berkowitz,

“Texting will by far be the most dominant mode of communication in the future. […]It’s an immediate way to communicate like by phone or chat, but you don’t have to be tethered to your device.” (Source: Automotive News)

The only drawback, according to Mr. Berkowitz, is that texting is not so promoted in the auto industry. If that is done properly, “texting will be the new king of mobile communication for dealerships.”

Advantage txt. drives more sales

AdvantageTec understood what Mr. Berkowitz was pointing out. Founded in 2009, with the mission of making customers happy, AdvantageTec developed a unique texting solution called Advantage txt., which is the only fully TCPA-compliant and FCC-approved text messaging solution in the US, trusted by many car dealerships, including BMW NA and MINI USA.

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