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online SMS alerts mean more sales

Online SMS alerts mean more sales

Whether you are the biggest shipper of PCs worldwide, a local bakery, or a small Mid-Western car dealership – you need to provide your customers with the best service support – and resolve all emerging issues in almost an instant. Why? Your clients are demanding it.

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automotive dealership texting

Automotive dealership texting [VIDEO]

Have you asked yourself this question lately, is my dealership communicating properly? On average smartphone users in the United States send 764 text messages and place 164 phone calls per month. Without a doubt, younger users skew the data, but even people aged 55 to 64 text on average 80…

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dealer tv broadcasting

Dealer TV – Advertising Technology

The modern car buyer wants a different experience. Service departments, sales departments, and everything in between are evolving to serve the modern customer better. Digital signage is one of the new developments leading the charge toward improved customer engagement. Graphics are no longer limited to 2D or static. Now, almost…

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Customer Experience -Management and Technology

Customer Experience: Management and Technology – Multiple Trends and Multiple Opportunities

[The year of] 2014 ushered in the need to fully understand what customer experience management (CX) is all about for big and small companies across all types of industries on a global basis. CX management comes down to knowing all the customer touch points, their details and understanding each piece…

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Forresters Predictions Top Customer Service Trends in 2016

Forrester’s Predictions: Top Customer Service Trends in 2016

Customer satisfaction and loyalty represent the basis for a positive customer experience, which further influences the rise in profit. Monitoring customer behavior and doing everything possible to make their satisfaction higher should be a mission of every company focused on the end user.

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Customer Engagement vs. Customer Experience in Car Industry

The Subtle and Critical Differences between Customer Engagement and Customer Experience

Customer engagement is defined by the amount of interaction that an individual consumer has, directly or indirectly, with a company and or their brand over time. It includes all of the…

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The Influence of Emoji on Car Dealership Texting

The Influence of Emoji on Car Dealership Texting

The advancement of technology today is accelerating every day, and its influence on our everyday lives is enormous. To stay fresh, every business needs to keep up with this advancement, and even dictate rules, for that matter. When it comes to mobile texting within your car dealership, one question appeared…

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AdvantageTec on the state of customer experience CX

On the State of Customer Experience

I have some thoughts on the current state of CX and hope that they help you better understand the quickly evolving importance of your customer’s experience. CX is personal for each of your customers, but today that experience is shared with the world through the different social media platforms.

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Sales Boards

Take your sales tracking into the 21st century and display month to date sales by sales person for new and used sales.  Display CSI by sales person and department (Retail / BDC / Marketing).  Highlight current dealership sales contests.  Customer appointment information is possible with a RSS feed from your…

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