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Fixed Ops Do You Text Your Customers You Should! – March April 2016

Fixed Ops: Do You Text Your Customers? You Should! – March / April 2016

Download your own personal copy of our article that appeared in the Fixed Ops Magazine in March 2016, “DO U TXT? U SHD: Texting now crucial for communicating with customers,” by Thomas Jung, the CEO and co-founder of AdvantageTec.

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Tips and guidelines on writing a good text message to your customer

Tips and Guidelines for Writing a Good Text Message to Your Customer

One of the biggest benefits the twentieth century has brought us is telecommunications technology. Text messaging can be considered a revolution in the customer-service provider relationship with all the benefits it offers to a business and its clientele. Texting is beneficial for car dealerships because it offers a written record…

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what is the future of digital signage

What Is the Future of Digital Signage?

We are probably not even aware of how important technology is in our lives because we usually take it for granted. The technology revolution has transformed every area of our lives, starting from education, language learning, economy, healthcare, industry, and even communication methods. Clearly, digital signage is going towards a…

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Car dealers texting regulations FAQ

TCPA Texting Rules Every Car Dealership Needs to Know

Today’s reality regarding real time communication is proven in the data. On average smart phone users in the United States send 764 text messages and place 164 phone calls per month. Without a doubt younger users skew the data, but even people aged 55 to 64 text on average 80…

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Fuel your sales department

Fuel Your Sales Department

Fuel your sales department with our highly interactive landing page sent to service customers as part of our advantage txt solution – we create a microsite-landing page for every service customer. On this page the dealership’s clients can see the status of their vehicle’s service or repair. The landing page…

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Service Advisor Texting

Service Advisor Texting Software

The Advantage Tec texting software solution is designed for franchised automotive dealers. It is a cloud-based solution, which runs on Windows desktop DMS hardware systems.

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