Make Your Service Advisor Team Better

May 7, 2015 Thomas F. Jung

Make Your Service Advisor Team Better

When your service advisor team needs answers quickly and wants to avoid phone tag then texting is today’s solution. A text is responded to, on average, within 3 minutes – email and phone voice mail cannot complete.

The Advantage Tec texting solution is called advantage txt and it customized to meet the needs of the world’s best service advisors. It is integrated with automotive DMS vendors (i.e. CDK Certified and Approved Interface) so no data entry is needed is ever needed. The advisor screen shows the advisor all of his or her clients, their mobile number and provides one-click functionality to text.

An advisor can now communicate in a fraction of the time it takes to place a call. Template texts are also available via drop down improving communications even more. Another bonus is that our software solution not integrated with a dealership’s phone system, it is meant to augment the advisor’s communication as a stand-alone product. Advantage txt is texting made easy.

Multipurpose software solution

Advantage txt also provides automated appointment reminder texts, automated welcome, and CSI follow-up texts, plus one-click functionality to text a customer. Each advisor is automatically matched to his or her clients through a certified DMS integration interface. When a repair order is opened the advisor has immediate access to text that client and when a repair order is closed it is automatically filed in a History folder. Unlike email an advisor does not need to file, delete or transfer messages to keep organized – the solution does it all.

Text conversations are stored forever and accessible to management and the advisor at any time. When the customer returns all text conversations are automatically displayed in reverse chronological order so the current advisor can see past communications.

Service Advisor Texting

  • Faster updates to customer
  • Less voice mail
  • Quick mid-service updates
  • One click vehicle ready for pick function
  • Template messages
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Retrieve old messages for disputes
  • No marketing – pure communications

A pragmatic example is a teacher in a classroom, a worker in the field, or a professional in a meeting – all of them can reply to a text much faster and with more convenience than they can answer a call or return a voicemail. A teacher can text while students are taking an exam or working in class, a carpenter can text while construction is underway and a lawyer can answer a text while in a meeting. Texting is simply the communication medium of choice when immediacy is needed.

What we do

Providing simple cost-effective texting technology is Advantage Tec’s daily business. Our mission is Making Customers Happy and helping car dealerships improve communication and therewith-increasing CSI and CSE scores.   Auto dealership clients are available as references and we welcome you to call us (or text “demo” to  (415) 429-5588 to set up a demonstration today.

* Msg&Data rates may apply

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