Fixed Ops: It’s all in the phone – September / October 2017

October 24, 2017 Thomas F. Jung

Fixed Ops: It’s all in the phone – September / October 2017

JD Power Study Shows: Service-Side Texting Improves CSI Scores

Buick (with a score of 874) and Lexus (with a score of 860) dealerships are leading the way when it comes to the customer experience, according to J.D. Power’s recent customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores.

But importantly, the auto industry overall continues to show significant improvement, with higher levels of overall customer satisfaction in that same study. Despite the improvement, though, dealerships can and must tackle some issues to continue the upward trend in customer satisfaction.

Power of Text Messaging

Service Departments must integrate text messages into their traditional communication channels to reach their customers quickly and more effectively. Both the J.D. Power Study and Omnichannel research point dealership management in the same direction: businesses must have a multichannel communication strategy. This cannot be overemphasized. Companies with multichannel engagement have 89 percent retention vs. 33 percent for businesses without it.

Our world is complex and dealerships must use phones, email, chat and, most importantly, texting to appease their customers. The J.D. Power study indicated that Service quality scores account for the greatest improvement in CSI. The other measures — Service Advisor, Service initiation, Service facility and vehicle pick-up — all showed improvement from 2015. The quality of the Service Advisor showed the highest level of satisfaction. Arming the Advisor with texting will drive scores even higher.

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