Fixed Ops: Do You Text Your Customers? You Should! – March / April 2016

March 28, 2016 Thomas F. Jung


Who Has Time to Read Industry Magazine Articles Anymore?

None of us. But this is one you should read. Why? Because texting to support your service operations is a tool that you should deploy because your competitors are and a large number of your customers want the option to engage you by text.

Download your own personal copy of our article that appeared in the Fixed Ops Magazine in March 2016, “DO U TXT? U SHD: Texting now crucial for communicating with customers,” by Thomas Jung, the CEO and co-founder of AdvantageTec.

What you will learn about the advantages of texting:

It will equip you with the knowledge to move your dealership forward and provide your service customers with communications option they need.

Advantages of texting with your customers:

  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Direct
  • Quick response & higher approval rates

Learn more by downloading your personal copy here and take advantage of texting with your customers:

Fixed Ops – Do You Text Your Customers? You Should! by AdvantageTec

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