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its all in the phone 797

Fixed Ops: It’s all in the phone – September / October 2017

JD Power Study Shows: Service-Side Texting Improves CSI Scores Buick (with a score of 874) and Lexus (with a score of 860) dealerships are leading the way when it comes to the customer experience, according to J.D. Power’s recent customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores.

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Fixed Ops Do You Text Your Customers You Should! – March April 2016

Fixed Ops: Do You Text Your Customers? You Should! – March / April 2016

Download your own personal copy of our article that appeared in the Fixed Ops Magazine in March 2016, “DO U TXT? U SHD: Texting now crucial for communicating with customers,” by Thomas Jung, the CEO and co-founder of AdvantageTec.

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Customer Experience -Management and Technology

Customer Experience: Management and Technology – Multiple Trends and Multiple Opportunities

[The year of] 2014 ushered in the need to fully understand what customer experience management (CX) is all about for big and small companies across all types of industries on a global basis. CX management comes down to knowing all the customer touch points, their details and understanding each piece…

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AVT in AutomotiveNews Magazine

A growing number of car dealers are concluding that the TV flickering in the service area waiting room should do more than keep customers up on sports scores and soap operas. Many dealerships, with help from the factory, are streaming price menus, sales promotions, F&I offerings and used-vehicle inventory to…

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TEXTING IS NOW AN EVERYONE TOOL   Text messaging, once the exclusive purview of teens to express themselves in a few characters, is growing up fast. The proof of this movement? Older adults (Boomers) now make up the fastest-growing segment of text users, according to the Pew Internet & Life…

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