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A Brief History of Mobile Texting

A Brief History of Mobile Texting

It’s a clear and starry night, December 1992, Neil Papworth sends a short message, “Merry Christmas,” from his computer to a phone of his colleague Richard Jarvis through the Vodafone network. The technology he used to take this monumental step is called Short Message Service (SMS), although it is better known…

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The importance of texting in a car dealership

The Importance of Texting in a Car Dealership

The twenty-first century has brought us a lot of innovations, starting from the revolution in IT and an explosion in mobile usage. It is obvious that everything started changing with the arrival of new technologies. Successful car dealerships understand how to keep pace with the latest advancements, and yet retain…

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Tips and guidelines on writing a good text message to your customer

Tips and Guidelines for Writing a Good Text Message to Your Customer

One of the biggest benefits the twentieth century has brought us is telecommunications technology. Text messaging can be considered a revolution in the customer-service provider relationship with all the benefits it offers to a business and its clientele. Texting is beneficial for car dealerships because it offers a written record…

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2016 Predictions on Usage of Mobile Technologies in the Customer-Service Provider Relationship

  The twenty-first century has brought us a lot of innovation — some interesting, some disruptive and some game changing. Uber is changing the way we move, AirBnB is changing the way we sleep, and texting is changing the way we communicate. This innovation is the new normal. It is…

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Car dealers texting regulations FAQ

TCPA Texting Rules Every Car Dealership Needs to Know

Today’s reality regarding real time communication is proven in the data. On average smart phone users in the United States send 764 text messages and place 164 phone calls per month. Without a doubt younger users skew the data, but even people aged 55 to 64 text on average 80…

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FCC July 10th 2015 Car Dealership FAQs

When it comes to communicating with your clients, Federal Communications Commission is a place where you as a car dealership should find all the necessary information about the regulations either via radio, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, DC and US territories. This independent government agency is governed…

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Mobile Texting as Preferred Means of Communication

There is No Denying the Numbers: Texting Is the Preferred Method of Customer Service Communications across Industry Verticals   A recent Harris Poll of two thousand adults on their frustrations with customer service, just under half (48 percent) of those surveyed said it would be convenient and appreciated if companies…

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texting growth

Texting Growth in Customer Support

Customer support has become one of the crucial factors for customer satisfaction index (CSI). It is your role as a service provider to make your customers happy. Find out why texting is the best solution and how to incorporate it into your business.

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texting with customers

Texting with Customers

Car dealerships must communicate via text in today’s business environment. Texting with customers is critical for fixed operation efficiency and customer satisfaction scores.  Texting is also an important a part of a business’s multi-channel engagement.  The proof is in the pudding, or should we say the proof is in the…

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Service Advisor

Make Your Service Advisor Team Better

When your service advisor team needs answers quickly and wants to avoid phone tag then texting is today’s solution. A text is responded to, on average, within 3 minutes – email and phone voice mail cannot complete.

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