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digital signage trends

Best digital signage software

Car dealerships today have a lot of advertising options. Starting from small ads, over to TV ads, all the way to digital display and other dynamic content, there is plenty of fish in the pond.

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3 digital signage strategies for improving user experience at your car dealership 797

3 digital signage strategies for improving user experience at your car dealership

In the age of digital technologies, it is clear that customers demand more. What the customer wants must become a prerogative. Every store, every interactive kiosk, every car dealership. We all need to understand the power that digital signage has when it comes to improving the user experience.

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Digital signage is for everybody 797

Digital signage is for everybody (not just the pros)

As opposed to static signs, dynamic signage is considered one of the best investments into business. Even though it has been around for more than a decade, many car dealers still do not see the full scope of its application, so they avoid using it thinking that it is made…

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5 facts about digital signage 797

5 facts about digital signage to uplift your dealership sales

In the digital era, digital signage plays a bigger role than traditional promotion options. In fact, some studies have shown that it is even more influential than TV or the Internet.

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Digital signage trends in 2017

Digital signage trends in 2017

The biggest benefit of digital signage, according to a survey of Digital Signage Today is improved customer experience and improving customer experience is AdvantageTec ’s focus. With 2017 Digital Signage Expo being just around the corner, we have decided to give DS some thought and see what the future of this…

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6 rules for effective digital signage

Rules for effective digital signage copy

Digital signage is everywhere. If you go shopping, you see it on menu boards. If you go on a journey, you see it on big digital billboards. If you go car shopping, you see it in the dealership waiting room. This kind of advertising has become a normal way of…

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Chevrolet appointment boards

Chevrolet Appointment Boards

Displaying sales and service client appointments have never been easier! Give your brand a professional communication platform with easy to use automated video appointment boards. This advanced design means that they can be mounted horizontally or vertically in your dealership showroom, lounge or the waiting room. Use digital signage appointment…

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A brief history of digital signage

Innovation is at the core of every change. Be it scientific, technical, geographic, or linguistic – it affects all spheres of living and reshapes the way we view the world. The advancement in IT and technology, in general, has …

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dealer tv broadcasting

Dealer TV – Advertising Technology

The modern car buyer wants a different experience. Service departments, sales departments, and everything in between are evolving to serve the modern customer better. Digital signage is one of the new developments leading the charge toward improved customer engagement. Graphics are no longer limited to 2D or static. Now, almost…

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The impact of digital signage on advertising

The Impact of Digital Signage on Advertising

Despite the popular belief, advertising is not the product of the modern society nor the twenty-first century. It is believed that it originates back to ancient Egypt when people used papyrus to make sales messages or posters, and ancient China, where advertising was only oral. Europe saw its first advertisers…

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