Biggest challenge today? Making communication easier

June 12, 2018 Ryan Williams

Making communication easier

Interchange of information is crucial in business. Especially if you aim to transmit essential messages such as repair scheduling, tire replacement, or the cost of new car components.

Emails today usually end up unanswered or in the spam folder. Phone calls go unreturned because voicemail is no longer the first place to check when leaving a meeting.

That is why companies, especially in the auto industry, need to encourage conversations where their customers are: surfing social networks, web surfing or texting friends – all on their mobile phones. What is great about social networks is that they usually have instant messaging and chat incorporated. However, with the recent Cambridge Analytica case – only one in the line of many cases at Facebook’s back – one cannot help but wonder if there is another way.

In fact, there is!

We proudly introduce you to the best messaging tool for the past quarter of a century: texting.

A blast from the past

Yes, you read that correctly. This 25-ish year old technology has been around in our lives so much that today hardly anyone remembers the days when people managed to schedule meetings without it.

Mobile texting is usually, and unrightfully, a neglected form of communication which businesses today tend to forget. However, mobile texting has a lot of advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • Short and simple – Mobile texting allows for sending short and straight-to-the-point messages. No need for endless and meaningless conversations.
  • 100% delivery – When you send a text, you can be sure it made it to the recipient because there are no excuses such as ‘I’m out of data’ or ‘Wi-Fi coverage was bad, and I never got your message.’
  • 90% open rate – SMS is the technology which ensures a 90% open-rate which means that this number of messages will get read within three minutes of delivery.
  • Every phone has it. No need for installation of additional messaging apps or other widgets and gadgets at the end of the user. If you use messaging as your primary communication strategy, you can rest assured that all messages will be delivered to your customer’s phones.
  • Used by all. Demographic research has proven that the so-called generation gap between older and younger texters is gone – as it turns out, everybody texts. Older generations accepted texting as one of the main modern tools, and younger ones cannot imagine their days without it.
  • Smart customers demand smart solutions. Texting improves customer experience, and your dealership should invest in it in 2018.
  • Easy to use. Likewise, the excuses such as ‘I don’t know how to use it’ or ‘Installing it is too difficult’ are long gone. Since sending short messages are incorporated into every phone – be it a smartphone, be it dumbphone – you can rest assured that everybody will want to use it to chit-chat with your dealership employees.

Indeed, this amazing blast from the past has got a lot to offer, including sending multimedia messages, such as images and even videos. If you want to send a picture of new tires you replaced on your customer’s car, just hit SEND and wait moments to get approvals.

Shape the future of your business: use texting!

Technology has evolved, and so should you. If you are still reluctant about employing texting as your winning strategy for the exchange of information and transmission of relevant messages with your customers, here we present you some more ideas to help you shape the future of your car dealership through SMS.

AdvantageTec offers a cutting-edge technology – the best texting app in the US called advantage txt. Specially designed for car dealerships and their staff. This messaging tool is FCC & TCPA compliant and can be easily integrated with your dealership’s DMS.

1. Create a personal connection

In a sea of similar or identical dealerships, attracting customers to use your services may be a demanding task. If you lack ideas and think that you offer an exquisite service, add a smile and kind words to make personal connections.

Always say Hi, Please, and give Thanks to your customers for engaging in conversations via text messaging with you. Even if you mess up, saying Sorry is a must. This way you show that there is a human being at the other end of the keyboard.

Politeness and good manners are what makes us stand out from the crowd. This way you will show that you care and take the connection to a whole new level.

2. Save time and your sanity

Mobile messaging is a great tool which can save you time. And above all, it will protect your sanity and leave a positive impact on your happiness at work. If doing unnecessary tasks got on your nerves before, it no longer will.

You can now use any device – be it PC, Mac, tablet, or a smartphone – to get in touch with the customer and send all the necessary data. Easily install the app and connect all your devices to the dashboard and send appointment messages, best deals, and repair updates directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

3. Engage and convert

Customer Engagement is the amount of interaction your customers have with your dealership and brand over time. If the engagement rates are still slumbering, it is high time to wake them up. By employing a texting solution, your dealership can entice customers and help them engage with dealership tasks all year long, not just on special deals and holiday sales. Organizations must embrace CE, convert customers and try to retain them with the help of an engagement strategy. If you demand participation, your messages will not stay unanswered with texting.

If you are interested in advantage txt. dealership solution, do not hesitate to give us a call at (415) 429-5588, email us at or – best of all – text DEMO to (415) 429-5588.

Msg&Data rates may apply.

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