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Banner TV Advertising

Advantage tv. is a patent pending digital signage solution that merges live TV with internet content. It allows auto dealerships to interact with and message to customers in waiting areas and throughout the dealership with automated OEM, pre-owned and other dealership specials without interrupting live TV programming.

advantage tv. Patent-Pending Banner TV

With advantagetv. there are no complicated content decisions to be made—your customers watch any channel live—our advantagetv. technology simply resizes the incoming TV signal while automating all relevant and dealer specific specials in an advertising banner on the bottom of your TV.

Scientifically Proven to Engage Your Customers

Consumers who view in-store programming are 1.5 times 
more likely to buy.
74% of all brand purchase decisions are made in-store.

Banner TV customers engagement

Parts & Accessory Sales

AdvantageTV is great at promoting high margin and high sales volume parts and accessories. By informing your customers with accessory inventory and pricing you provide transparency that they can use to make an immediate decision while in your showroom.

It is a documented fact that 74% of all brand decisions are made while the customer is in your store. AdvantageTV delivers the price transparency that gives your customers the comfort and confidence to buy now and not later.

Dealer TV Parts Accessory Sales

Pre-owned Inventory Display

AdvantageTV is the perfect platform to show your in store service customers you thirty day and older inventory. AdvantageTV can automatically display your used vehicles that are also on your website but with the added benefit of displaying 30+ day or 45+ day aged vehicles with the click of a mouse.

Let your customers know that you can provide them with a Complimentary appraisal – no purchase necessary. Any year, make or model. Tell a friend.

Dealer TV Pre-owned Inventory Display

F&I Education Campaigns

AdvantageTV helps you sell more F&I products like extended protection plans, maintenance plans, tire and rim insurance and other F&I related products. AdvantageTV informs those customers who are typically unaware that they can add these items for their purchase.

Dealer TV FI Campaigns

CSI Improvement Info

AdvantageTV is the best method for you to educate and inform your customers. We can help you boost your CSI scores, retention and dealer reviews by delivering timely and actionable information without face to face pitches.

Dealer TV Services CSI Campaigns

Service Special Campaigns

Promote high margin Fixed Op services. AdvantageTV can help you promote your high margin Fixed Op services while providing your customers appreciated price transparency.

AdvantageTV will increase your service business and we can let you talk to dealers who are enjoying their increased incremental service business.

Dealer TV Service Special Campaigns

Mobile / SMS Opt-In

Have Customers Opt-In or Download Apps for Your Mobile Solution.

Connect with your customers. We live in a world that is getting more connected by the minute.AdVantageTec promotes cross platform in your stores with Dealer TV, Digital Signage, Photo Frame and Mobile. We position your dealership front and center in the battle for hearts, minds and wallets.


Social Media

Inform customer about your social media presence. Tell them to “Like Us” or submit a review about their excellent experience.

Dealer TV Social Media Integration

No need to manage

Fully automated but 100% customizable. Always updated and fresh content but you can get involved as much as you wish. Access from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone to cloud based Dealer BannerTV solution which is made using latest technology.

Cross platform software support experience

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Advantage tv is available to ALL brands

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