Auto dealer’s guide to texting

August 1, 2016 Ryan Williams

Auto dealer’s guide to texting

Texting has become a leading technology in B2C communication. Email and voicemail are long forgotten, and texting and text messaging apps are starting to reach their fullest potential. Customer support is using texting for numerous reasons, some of which include a productive process, one-on-one factor, customer centricity, and improved sales and ROI.

New era of communication

It is evident that customers demand their preferred communication channels and prefer getting instant solutions and faster response. This is why texting is so important for car dealerships: customers will no longer have missed calls, unanswered emails, they will not forget critical information, and, most importantly, they will be comfortable with the simplicity of the process.

It is your duty as a salesperson to know the rules of the game and see where possible negative outcomes may arise – such as a lawsuit, and the like. Read this guide to texting and learn everything about good and bad practices.

Auto dealer’s guide to mobile texting with customers


  • Do not let your staff text from their personal numbers. If you still have not heard about TCPA, aka Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you should study up on it immediately! Breaching TCPA rules can get you into a lot of trouble, so make sure that your dealership is fully TCPA-compliant when it comes to data protection and mobile harassment. Using personal numbers is completely out of the question, so having a software which protects all user data is a must.
  • Do not automatize. A machine should not be in control of an area as sensitive as texting with customers due to possible errors and other kinds of adverse outcomes. Sure, the setting should be automated – you should use a desktop or mobile device for its management, but the messages sent must not be machine-generated. Have your employees (real humans of flesh and blood) text with your customers, adding a slight touch of empathy and humanness – so that the customers know they are not talking to a robot.
  • Do not make it all about you. Even though you might have a perfect chance to sell more or give special offers which generate revenue, it would be best to restrain yourself from doing so. Remember: it is not about you – it is about your customer. Act with this in mind.


  • Have your customers sign written consent before texting
  • Keep written record of all conversations
  • TCPA-compliance and obey FCC rules
  • Use a proper texting tool
  • Train and educate your staff about this job
  • Learn texting etiquette: be informative, clear and concise, respectful, and add a personal touch
  • Use emoji and emoticons on rare occasions

Good text messages:

  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Controlled
  • Integrated

If you are in search of a texting solution for your dealership, talk to us here at AdvantageTec because our advantage TXT software incorporates all of the aforementioned good practices and will not let you down. Call (415) 429-5588 (or text Demo to (415) 429-5588 to set up a demonstration today.

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