Accelerate approval times, increase productivity and CSI with mobile texting

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Accelerate approval times-with mobile texting 797 3Mobile texting is a powerful technology. Integrating a texting solution within your automotive business may be the smartest decision you make this year for many a reason.

In 2017, texting celebrates its 25th birthday and is a proud leader of the best communication options in the US. Besides being read and answered within moments, it is used across generations, and your customers prefer it. Your dealership, in turn, can benefit from using a messaging tool on many different levels, such as productivity improvement, faster approval times, as well as overall customer satisfaction.


The power of text messaging

Phone calls and sending emails are too slow when a car mechanic needs to make a repair, replace a bold tire, brakes etc. If your customer misses a call or he/she is not able to answer right away or get an email – the most logical thing your mechanic is going to do is to take the car off the line and start working on another one. This means losing time and money, for both the customer and the dealership.

However, if you had an FCC and TCPA compliant cloud-based texting solution, your dealership staff, including service advisors, salespersons, and the BDC, would all benefit from it. In the situation like one, we described above and you are facing every day, your customer would receive an SMS and if you wish to send they would receive a picture of the part that needs to be repaired. Within minutes, he/she would be able to give you their consent, and your tech can finish the task much faster instead of waiting for a call or email reply.

Therefore, texting brings numerous benefits regarding timesaving, acceleration of processes, and getting the job done on time.


Toyota Dealership with 1,400 RO’s per month study:

  • 24 text messages suggesting additional work
  • Resulting in $11,644.52 of additional work being approved via text


Dealer Group Study:

  • 288 texts suggesting additional services
    • 169 accepted (59%)
    • 28 declined (9%)
  • Resulting in $87,332 of additional work being approved via text


1. Immediate responses

Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes? This means that urgent repairs can be done within moments, thus saving money and time for you and your customer.

By using your DMS integrated texting tool, your dealership staff can send text messages to your customers via any device – desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone –and get immediate responses. This is called a job well done.


2. Relevant updates

The advantage of having an FCC & TCPA compliant text messaging solution at your dealership would mean having the option of informing your customers about their future scheduled appointments, vehicle ready for pickup notifications, mid-service updates, automated specials under repair status, and many more options.


3. Optimize SMS for best results

Using text messaging as your communication tool, you will get closer to your customers and at the same time, you would maximize the results. Keep in mind to send super simple, concise and to the point messages. With customized templates, you will optimize your texting and get the best results.


4. Automated texts

By ‘automated’ we do not mean having a machine replying to your customers automatically, although we can. Automated texts imply having an automated environment, such as a desktop computer or a mobile device to manage texts. Remember that humans are in charge of all communication and that message history and sensitive data will be safely stored in a cloud, to help resolve all possible doubts and disputes in the future.

AdvantageTec offers the best texting tool in the USA, thus improving the business of all car dealerships and all brands. Visit our texting page and learn more about Advantage txt., the fastest, patent-pending tool which increases profits and improves CSI scores.


If you are interested in implementing this tool at your dealership, feel free to call us on 1.877.772.8832 or sending a text “DEMO” to (415) 300 2002. We’re happy to help!

Msg&Data rates may apply 😉

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Pero Krpan is a VP and co-founder of AdvantageTec. Pioneer of online leasing and founder of Quick Max leasing software and co-founder of KnowMe, the phone tracking service. For 21 years he has managed several dealerships for FirstAmerica Automotive, AutoNation, Sonic, Penske and a few smaller dealer groups. As a native of Yugoslavia, with a BS from University of Sarajevo, he has done quite well as an expert in texting, mobile and local software solution products focused on automotive industry.

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