5 facts about digital signage to uplift your dealership sales

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In the digital era, digital signage plays a bigger role than traditional promotion options. In fact, some studies have shown that it is even more influential than TV or the Internet.

Having in mind such a huge impact it may have on your car dealership customers, we have conducted a small research and drawn up a list of 5 things you need to know about digital advertising.


1. Reach more customers

Digital video boards in public venues reached 70% more Americans in comparison to other media, such as the Internet (43%) and social networks (e.g. Facebook 40%). If you think about 214 million people using Facebook in the US only (Source: Statista, January 2017), and compare this reach with it, it becomes apparent that digital signs can do much more for your automotive dealership.


2. Attract attention

According to a 2015 Digital Signage Today study, 63% of people have reported that digital signs caught their attention. Low cost and flexibility, as well as impact higher than TV, the Internet and billboard advertising – all of these things, make retailers opt for in-store digital advertising options


3. Highly engaging

Every company wants to be remembered. Unfortunately, sometimes regular advertising methods are just not that engaging, so they fail at the first obstacle. In fact, a 2010 Arbitron study found that almost a half of people (47%) who have seen a video on a digital display remembered seeing it. This means you are one step away from making people remember your company.


4. Drive impulse purchases

The same study showed that 19% of consumers who saw digital advertisements made impulse purchases influenced by the ad. This means that digital signage may be much more engaging psychologically because they connect with your customers and motivate them to take action. Pretty neat, right?


5. Promote individual items

If you have special sales on cars, rates, accessories or parts, and even new car models you want to display in front of your waiting room customers, DS is the right place to look. As you may have seen, Digital Signage Today claims that digital ads improve overall sales by a whopping 31.8 percent! Lost opportunities make room for in-store purchasing experience.


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