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The modern car buyer wants a different experience. Service departments, sales departments, and everything in between are evolving to serve the modern customer better. Digital signage is one of the new developments leading the charge toward improved customer engagement. Graphics are no longer limited to 2D or static. Now, almost endless combinations of virtual material exist for customers to interact with.

Imagine this; your customer drove in for a quick repair. While they are waiting for you to get the job done, they are probably going to spend time in the waiting room, watching TV or browsing their smartphone. This is where dealership TV advertising comes in. The ever-glowing distractor, the provider of entertainment,
His Majesty: the TV.

Car Dealer TV technology

With the help of a simple software solution, you can put a banner on every TV at your dealership and give your customers the opportunity to see what else you have on display. According to a Nielsen study, ads on Internet-connected TVs work pretty well as opposed to traditional TV advertising. So why not join the digital advertising revolution now and treat your dealership with an AdvantageTec bannerTV solution?

Here is what the AdvantageTec bannerTV technology offers:

1. New Car Sales

The bannerTV can connect to the AdvantageTec servers and automatically update new car specials as soon as your brand’s website has posted them. For example, the current lease and financing specials end on May 2, 2016. On May 3rd, your TVs will start to display the new specials without anyone at your store touching anything.

2. Parts & Accessory Sales

Promoting your sales has never been easier! If you use a bannerTV at your dealership, you can present your customers with the newest tire, brake repair, roof rack pricing, etc. This allows them to make immediate shopping decisions in a friendly, cozy environment. Use those last three feet in the store wisely!

3. Pre-owned inventory display

The option of automatically displaying inventory 30-days or 45-days old is a privilege for dealerships that use the dealer TV solution. This option adds extra value and brings attention to used vehicles you want to put back on the market.

4. F&I Education Campaigns

Finance and Insurance (F&I) programs are an integral part of every car dealership’s standard offer. Tire and rim insurance, extended protection or maintenance plans – all of these can be included in your F&I campaigns which aim at increasing purchase items.

5. CSI Improvement Info

Let’s be honest; it is not as hard to obtain a new customer as it is to retain one after they have made the first purchase. If your CSI scores are low, i.e. if your customers do not like your service – they sure are not going to come back for more.

Back in the old days when digital technology was a mere pipe dream, the customers were satisfied with a couple of magazines the dealer would offer in waiting rooms. But now – they need more. Digital signage is scientifically proven to capture 400% more views than static displays (source: Visible Banking). Delivering timely information that encourages engagement and action are what improves CSI.

6. Service Special Campaigns

Are you looking for a solution that will increase your service business? Search no more, because, with advantage tv, you can promote Fixed Op services and offer your customers price transparency they long for. No more cover-up work – just enjoying the fruit of your work.

7. Mobile / SMS Opt-In

If your dealership uses a mobile App or has a texting program which they can opt-in to, you can inform them where they can find it. Mobile/SMS opt-in is this solution’s top option which will “position your dealership front and center in the battle for hearts, minds, and wallets.”


The benefits of banner TV (dealer TV) advertising technology:

  • Audience targeting
  • Affordable back-end tool support system
  • Having control over content
  • Meeting customer demands
  • Making changes quickly
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Content scheduling
  • Managing sales environment
  • Increased customer retention
  • Higher CSI scores


The best patent-pending digital signage solution is waiting for you!

AdvantageTec offers Banner TV digital signage solution which combines real-time TV signal with Internet content. Via advantage tv, dealerships and their customers can communicate on a completely new ground: via virtual advertising technology.

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Pero Krpan is a VP and co-founder of AdvantageTec. Pioneer of online leasing and founder of Quick Max leasing software and co-founder of KnowMe, the phone tracking service. For 21 years he has managed several dealerships for FirstAmerica Automotive, AutoNation, Sonic, Penske and a few smaller dealer groups. As a native of Yugoslavia, with a BS from University of Sarajevo, he has done quite well as an expert in texting, mobile and local software solution products focused on automotive industry.

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