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Texting with Customers

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Car dealerships must communicate via text in today’s business environment. Texting with customers is critical for fixed operation efficiency and customer satisfaction scores.  Texting is also an important a part of a business’s multi-channel engagement.  The proof is in the pudding, or should we say the proof is in the data. On average smartphone users in the United States send 764 text messages and place 164 phone calls per month.  More importantly, businesses that deploy multiple ways for customers to engage and communicate have over two times higher customer retention than businesses that say, “My way or the highway.”  And it is not only young people that text, people aged 55 to 64 text on average 80 times per month and 65+ text on average 32 times per month. Based on this information it is important your dealership deploys a texting solution – at minimum for service advisors who need immediate responses from customers on repair approvals and to improve communications on the customer’s vehicle status. Texting has become the most efficient form of communication when immediacy (of a response) is needed.  Voicemail and email are no longer real time communication mediums.

Does the telephone still work? Of course, it does and it is a very personal way to communicate. A phone call is indispensable in many situations when engaging clients and building trust.  It is also fair to say, more often than not, just a quick update via text is more important than an engaged conversation. An advisor does not need to ask how one is doing before getting to a point when texting and depending on the customer’s setting he or she might not have time for pleasantries.  Texting is simply the communication medium of choice when immediacy is needed.

Texting with customers is today’s reality

  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Simple & Easy
  • DMS integrated & certified
  • No data entry
  • Increased CSI
  • FCC & TCPA compliant
  • Cloud-based, runs on desktop
  • Records all texts for future retrieval
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integrated landing page with sales contact info and new car specials

Providing simple cost effective texting technology is AdvantageTec’s daily business. Our mission is Making Customers Happy and helping car dealerships improve communication and therewith-increasing CSI and CSE scores.   Auto dealership clients are available as references and we welcome you to call us (or text “demo” (415) 300 2002) to set up a demonstration today.

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Pero Krpan is a VP and co-founder of AdvantageTec. Pioneer of online leasing and founder of Quick Max leasing software and co-founder of KnowMe, the phone tracking service. For 21 years he has managed several dealerships for FirstAmerica Automotive, AutoNation, Sonic, Penske and a few smaller dealer groups. As a native of Yugoslavia, with a BS from University of Sarajevo, he has done quite well as an expert in texting, mobile and local software solution products focused on automotive industry.

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